We’re all off to Europe next Summer

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Greystones PlayschoolWe’re all off to Europe next Summer to watch the the soccer. I know my husband will be thinking of nothing else between April and the end in July. And then we have the Olympics! I love both of them myself, but I know it means that come next August the whole country will be going mad trying to book places in the No1 Greystones playschool at the last minute! In the main, I find that when applying for ECCE places it is best to get the paperwork done as early as possible. This means that if any mistakes are made, they can be caught in good time ….

So if you are planning on sending in little Seán or Leanne to us,  then please don’t forget to call down and have a chat with us before the mad season begins next year.

One more thing ….   Come on Ireland Ya Good Thing!!!! 🙂