We are now taking in children for the 2023/2024 period. Apply now while there are still some places available.


Welcome to Acorns Playschool, where we help to nurture your child and help them to learn to socialise with their peers.

It is our policy to ensure that a safe and secure environment is provided for all children in our care. All childcare providers have a duty to protect the children in their care.

All the staff at Acorn’s Playschool, Greystones,  have awards in Childcare, have undergone First Aid training and have been Garda Vetted.

Acorn’s Playschool

Acorn’s Playschool is based in Eire Og G.A.A. Club, Mill rd, Greystones.

We offer a sessional service from 9 am till 12-30pm, Monday to Friday throughout the national school year.

We offer the ECCE Scheme run by the government. This is 15 hours of preschool free each week for children who qualify the year before attending National School. ECCE Hours 9-30 am till 12-30pm

Acorn’s Playschool also caters for children from 2 – 6 months upwards, who may like to socialise with children of their own age.
We provide a large range of activities throughout the morning, play-dough, art with gluing and sticking, lots of cutting, songs and story-telling, games, and many more things to do.
Acorn’s Playschool occupies a large bright room at the front of the building and has access to a large play area at the back of the building. Also, we use the playing fields for nature walks, bubble days, teddy bear picnics, etc. weather permitting.

We intend to run a sessional playgroup.

What The Sessional playgroup Involves

This is a planned program of activities for up to 3.5 hours per day that does not include the need for kitchen and sleep facilities.

Hours Open

The hours we open are from 9 am to 12.30 pm Monday to Friday. We will close with the local schools for holidays and not charge our clients for these times. However, we do charge for bank holidays and mid-term breaks.

What the Child Gets from this

The opportunity to play creatively in a high-quality environment is essential to the development of children. Through their play, they acquire skills and abilities that can be learned in no other way. Children cannot provide these opportunities for themselves; adults must do it for them. Our aim is to provide this type of facility for our future clients.

We also provide a safe area for outside play. Outdoor play is an essential component in a child’s life, however, it cannot always be spontaneous as climate and time allocated for outdoor play have to be taken into consideration. It is important that children should get to play outside as it allows them to learn about the space around them, the elements, to experience fresh air and most of all to explore the many different forms of play, i.e. running, cycling, swinging, sliding, climbing, balancing, and also playing with sand and water. It also teaches children issues around safety, taking turns, etc.

If you are interested please email us at info@acornsplayschool.ie
 call Margaret @ 086-3946932  for more information.