Acorns Playschool Policies

Independent and inter-dependent

Compassionate and caring

Tolerant and patient

Curious and creative

Appreciative and appreciated


Acorns Playschool Policies  and Procedures

It is essensial for best practices that we as early childhood service providers, define our ethos, and state our aims and objectives to support their values.

Our Ethos is to have:

  1. Happy children, happy caring staff, happy parents, and positive interaction.
  2. Equality for all, irrespective of gender,race,religion or disability.
  3. A safe, developmentally appropiate environment which respects, supports and celebrates children’s individual needs, culture and differences.
  4. To provide an environment which encourages children to express themselves freely and spontaneously, and promotes enthusiasm for learning.



  1. To support the learning and development of each individual child by providing an integerated, balanced, broad, stimulating and differentiated curriculum.
  2. To achieve this we work in partnership with parents, carers and children, and as a multi-disiplinary team.

Acorns Playschool Policies are there to provide a secure learning environment, which enables children to be Respectful of themselves and others, to be happy and confident.